Iconic James Bond Watches




I get taken on journeys with things of old and new. I am captivated, like all of us, with things that are inventive and break new boundaries….but when you see craftsmanship and old ways of doing thing it’s a wonder. I dig deep and go down paths that lead me to find the most historical items of beauty. I love how modern day connect with these items and make it integral to our daily excitement. This is where I bring together the new series…Watches and James Bond.


Why watches? Why James Bond?

The James Bond character has, since its inception, been the pinnacle of design, refinement and modern day hero stature. James bond carries with him the tradition of all the finer things and his watches were not exception. Together iconic, together forever combined to make both sides amplify the perfection of execution.

The choice of watches James Bond wore was as perfect as the story they were written into. 


About the series

This series explores the 3 most iconic James Bond watches based on utility, novelty and beauty.

Each artworks has been meticulously worked on for 100s of challenging hours and a great deal of contemplation.

Investing my creative time on capturing every possible detail is how I bring the beauty of a watch into focus. Every line and stroke was the appreciation for the craftsmanship of watchmaking.” - Jeesoo Kim