Visual storytelling has always been a great passion of PenTraveller. No matter what type of mediums she chooses, her main focus has always been visualizing stories. PenTraveller works closely with writers, companies, designers and helps them to bring out their ideas to reality. Explore below the wide range of commission options you could have.

Architectural Drawing

PenTraveller has done a wide range of works capturing the varied architectural environments all over the world. Architecture is more than just a building. To her, architecture is a mindful connection to nature, helping humans to engage and connected to space to find happiness. The architectural commissions are all about capturing that unique position of a place and the moment in time that creates a forever image.

Hyper realistic Drawing

Hyperrealism is challenging and also incredibly complex and gives Pentraveller a focus on the precise moment to capture. From Large scale works to small fine images there isn’t limits on what can be drawn. Hyperrealism takes 100s of hours and demands the attention and has taken Pentraveller out of the everyday works into new worlds. These works/commissions are a welcome journey.


Illustration has been a core foundation of PenTravellers works. Any idea or story is open to creativity and Pentraveller takes it beyond the norm and into new worlds of creativity. Provide a simple brief today for the creativity to start!


Our faces hold stories beyond the lines and curves that we can see. Pentraveller delves into the depths of the portrait and captures the inner image of the person. Lines, shading, colour are all avenues to bring your portrait story to life. From private sittings to location works feel free to suggest any commission you request.

Comic / Storyboard

Pentraveller has developed a unique style that can be applied in any facet. From working with Disney to local creatives there is no limits. If you’re a director, writer or creative that wants to bring a work to visualisation then contact anytime!

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