Iconic James Bond Watches




We are living in an era where everything changes so fast. Today's shiny new thing becomes a forgotten past tomorrow. Sometimes I'd like to stop chasing new things, take a look back and appreciate old things. As a person who tends to be balanced between innovation and tradition, I decided to explore the things that haven't stopped evolving but also didn't lose their core values…. thus, watches and James Bond. 


Why watches? Why James Bond?

Watchmaking and the James Bond as a fictional character itself both have been around for decades throughout multiple generations. They interact with society, adopt things that people expect, change, evolve while successfully keeping their core idea - the craftsmanship and a spy. Interestingly, they also have a strong bond to each other. 


About the series

This series explores 3 most iconic bond watches based on utility, novelty and beauty.

Each artworks has been met with 100s of challenging hours and a great deal of contemplation.

“Spending days on capturing every possible detail is how I bring the beauty of a watch into focus. Every line and stroke was appreciation for the craftsmanship of watchmaking.” - Jeesoo Kim