rom childhood Jeesoo Kim has had a pen in her hand and always looked to place her mark on any surface. It was this passion that developed into all the works she has created and it was also the drive that allowed so many projects to come to life..

For years she has chosen her art works to be her voice, to tell stories that she has seen and to also be the worldly communication that brings the viewer to that moment. Life, stories and peoples passion inspire her to capture the image in time and to provide it so others can also enjoy.

She work as an illustrator, storyboard artist, and a concept artist and has always challenged herself to explore new mediums and genres. She only ever hopes that her works connect everyone and that she will be known as an artist that always endeavors to master the image.

“To have a pen in my hand and travel the roads…. is my forever “ - PenTraveller 

Jeesoo Kim has been commission on a number of projects. Her commissions include book & Magazine illustrations, Commercial illustrations, Storyboard and many more.